How to Buy a Car without a Title?

Posted on April 27, 2018

It can be tempting, but purchasing a vehicle without proper documentation can create a plethora of DMV issues.

First, not knowing if the person you are purchasing the vehicle from is the Legal Registered Owner, with permission to sell the vehicle. Which brings you to your second problem; you have no valid signatures that legally transfer the vehicle into your name.

To avoid complex DMV title transfer issues this practice will cause, reaching out to an automobile title company is a smart and effective choice. Here’s how Lienworks, anĀ auto title transfer company can assist you with DMV Title transfers.

1. Research. Determining if the vehicle is salvaged or stolen prior to purchase is extremely helpful. Obtaining a vehicle history record to check title status is a great service to utilize.

2car buying, auto transfer, car title . Bill of Sale. Always document the sale transaction. Obtaining the correct seller/buyer signatures on CA Bill of Sale forms is critical in CA for all vehicle sale transactions.

3. DMV Fees. Calculated the registration fees due at time of transfer can change the value and the terms of the sale. Having this knowledge prior to purchase can better help you make an informed decision.

Smart car buying can save time and money.