Questions Regarding Lien Sales – DMV LIEN SALES

Posted on July 7, 2019

Vehicle registration and Lien Sales on California Abandoned cars……..

DMV Lien Sales

Lien Sale Service, DMV

Using California Licensed Lien Sale Services such as Lienworks – Lien Sale Service to be the Agent of Process for conducting your Lien Sale offer several guarantees during your Notice of Pending Lien Sale process.

LienWorks Guarantees:

  • Proper Legal Lien Notice reparation by using DMV Certified Software that allows a “DMV Stress Free” experience.
  • Streamline process from Lien Sale Paperwork to New California Car Title.
  • Never step foot in DMV. Front-of-Line Service

Who can conduct a lien sale?

Any person/lienholder in possession of a vehicle, who has a lien against the vehicle for services rendered, who does not have a monetary interest in the vehicle and has authorization from DMV.

Lien Sale Service in California

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Why must I pay the back penalties on a vehicle I bought at a lien sale?

The Vehicle Code does not exempt lien sale vehicles from outstanding fees and penalties.

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